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May December’s Golden Globe nomination: the shocking reason critics are stunned!

May December, the latest film to be nominated in the comedy category by the prestigious Golden Globes, has sparked curiosity among movie enthusiasts. With its intriguing storyline and stellar cast, this comedic gem has captured the attention of both critics and audiences alike.

The film’s nomination in the comedy genre has raised eyebrows, leaving many wondering why it was chosen over other contenders. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind May December’s nomination, exploring the elements that make it a standout comedy worthy of recognition. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this unexpected yet well-deserved accolade.

Why was “May December” classified as a comedy when it was nominated for a Golden Globe?

The recent announcement of the Golden Globes nominations has sparked controversy and confusion among both critics and audiences alike. One particular film that has raised eyebrows is “May December,” which has been listed under the comedy categories.

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This decision has left many scratching their heads, as “May December” is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking drama that explores complex themes of love, loss, and aging. The misclassification of this film as a comedy has led to debates about the criteria used by the Golden Globes in determining genre categories and has called into question the credibility of these awards.


What is the potential impact of this nomination on the Academy Awards?

The Golden Globes nominations hold great significance in the film industry, as they are often seen as a precursor to the prestigious Academy Awards. While the misclassification of “May December” as a comedy has caused confusion, its nomination still carries weight and could potentially impact its chances at the Oscars.

A nomination from the Golden Globes brings attention and recognition to a film, increasing its visibility and chances of being considered by the Academy. If “May December” manages to secure a nomination at the Oscars, it would not only validate its artistic merit but also challenge the traditional boundaries of genre categorization.

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What are the reasons behind May December being categorized as a comedy despite being a drama?



The decision to categorize “May December” as a comedy for the Best Picture and Actress nominations at the Golden Globes may seem perplexing at first. However, upon closer examination, there are several factors that could explain this classification. Firstly, the film does contain moments of humor and wit, albeit in a subtle and nuanced manner. These comedic elements serve to provide relief and contrast to the overall heavy and emotional tone of the story.

Additionally, the film’s exploration of the blurring lines between reality and fiction, as the actress played by Natalie Portman researches her character, adds an element of meta-commentary and self-awareness that can be seen as comedic in nature.

Lastly, the Golden Globes have been known to have a more relaxed approach to genre categorization, often favoring films that blend different genres or defy traditional classifications. In this sense, “May December” may have been deemed eligible for the comedy category due to its unique and unconventional narrative structure.

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