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No conspiracy, just Obama! The unbelievable story behind ‘Leave the World Behind’ that’ll shock you

It was recently revealed that President Obama was behind the hit Netflix movie  ‘Leave the World Behind.’ Although there is no conspiracy theory behind this movie, audiences were surprised to discover Obama’s involvement in the book whose story is based. So, what are the details surrounding Obama’s connection to ‘Leave the World Behind’ and what are the reasons behind his engagement? Let find out the answer bellow!

Who’s behind Higher Ground Productions, the company that made the movie ?

Higher Ground Productions, founded by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, is the production company that made ‘Leave the World Behind’. Since 2018, the couple had launched this project to explore possibilities and make a positive impact through storytelling.


The purpose behind establishing Higher Ground Productions is to create a platform for diverse voices and narratives that can inspire, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide. Through this production company, the Obamas seek to amplify stories that reflect their values and address important societal issues.

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Why the Obamas have chosen Sam Esmail as producer ?

Continuing their commitment to engaging narratives that tackle important societal issues, the Obamas have collaborated with Sam Esmail on the apocalyptic thriller “Leave the World Behind.” This project explores themes of fear, isolation, and the complexities of human nature in the face of a global crisis.


By partnering with Esmail, known for his thought-provoking work on shows like “Mr. Robot,” the Obamas aim to bring an unique perspective to this gripping story. At the same time, they contribute to the conversation surrounding societal challenges. Through this collaboration, they continue to demonstrate their dedication to promoting diverse storytelling and addressing pressing issues through the power of film.

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